Peaceful New Year celebration in Cotabato

This city has registered zero firecracker-related and stray bullet incidents as revelers welcomed the new year.

“I am very pround to inform all my fellow Cotabateños that for two years in a row, we have recorded zero firecracker-related injuries and zero stray bullet injuires during the celebration of the new year,” Mayor Frances Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi declared.

More so, the mayor lauded the city police office and the Army’s Task Foce Kutawato for a job well done on implementing the firecracker ban and monitoring indicriminate firing violations during the revelry.

“And of course, to the law-abiding citizens of Cotabato, (my) congratulations for a remarkable record,” the mayor strressed.

For two years now, the city government has banned the sale, use and display of firecrackers and pyrothecnics in the locality. Violators are meted appropriate punishment.

“To those who were apprehended by our ronda team, I hope you learn your lesson. We have, time and again, reminded everyone that Cotabato City is strictly implementing every law we have,” Guiani-Sayadi said.

She added that the law maybe harsh for some, but the law must always prevail. (PNA)

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