Abu Sayyaf member killed in a gunfight in Basilan

An Abu Sayyaf bandit was killed on January 24, 2018, Wednesday afternoon after a fierce gunfight with government and militiamen and barangay peacekeeping action team (BPAT) in Ungkaya Pukan town, Basilan.

The bandit was identified as Muni Abduljarid Kahum, a known henchman of Abu Sayyaf commander, Furudji Indama. The lead to finnaly kill Kahum was from the town’s former mayor, Joel Maturan. According to Maturan, local officials of Barangay Sungkayut and Materling received information from civilians that an armed man was sighted in one of the houses in the remote village of Sungkayot.

It just took a few minutes of gunfight that resulted to death of Kahum. Authorities have recovered an M16 rifle from the dead Abu Sayyaf bandit.

Mmuturan said that the community has been in high alerts for the past weeks after the Abu Sayyaf threatened village officials who did not concede to demands of monthly protection money.

Amid fear of retaliation from the bandits, Maturan said they have maintained normalcy in their municipality as more government troops were deployed in their area for tighter security.

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