The PNP are expected tp perform well according to PNP Chief dela Rosa

The Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Ronald dela Rosa said that he has a “very high” expectation on his men in performing their duties and responsibility following the enhancement of their operational capability through the acquisition of over 45,000 brand new equipment.

“We expect them to do their job properly, expect them to be more effective and efficient in the delivery of the basic police services in their respective areas of responsibility and we expect them to respect and observe the rule of law in carrying out their mandates,” he said.

On February 01, the PNP chief led the blessing and inauguration of the 45,457 brand new equipment procured under the government’s capability enhancement program for 2017. The items procured were police marked vehicles such as ambulance, trucks, motorcyles, and mobile patrols, firearms such as machine guns forensic and other which are essential for the government’s fight against terrorism, illegal drugs and criminality in urban or rural areas.

According to dela Rosa, the PNP will procure more flying assets for 2018, including body camera which are vital for the transparency of the anti-illegal drugs operations.

“Flying assets yan ang pinakamahal hindi ba but it is being addressed. This coming March meron kaming twin engine bell helicopter. Mga luma nating mga helicopters na matagal na nakatengga at nakastandby sa hangar dahil hindi pwede gamiting dahil ginawang exhibit sa mga kaso na mga concerned PNP officers na hindi magamit, beyond economical repair,” he said adding that five helicopters are expected to arrive before the 2018 ends.

For 2018, some 76,000 Police Officers 1 who is earning P14,834 each month will receive 100 percent salary increase while other officers will initially get an average of 58.70 percent increase while the rest will be given in the following year.

Dela Rosa said with the salary increase policemen no longer have the reason to be corrupt and dip their hands in illegal activities.


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