Suspects in an attempted bank robbery, busted!

Two members of the “Termite Gang” were apprehended after they attempted to rob a Bank of Commerce branch in Quezon City.

According to Guillermo Eleazar, Quezon City Police District director, the two men entered the bank branch by digging a hole at the back of the establishment.

Eleazar said that police officers from PS-9 responded to the Diliman branch of Bank of Commerce at the corner of Masaya Street and Commonwealth Avenue when its alarm system signaled at around 2:40 a.m.

He also said that the group started digging a hole on the wall at the back portion of the establishment after banking hours and took advantage of the area’s “busy roads.”

As the “Termite Gang” entered the bank, the alarm system of the bank which is connected to nearby police station rang, alerting the officers.         The suspects also tried to dismantle the establishment’s closed circuit television equipment by damaging the ceiling but they were spotted as the CCTV is connected to the bank’s central monitoring system.

Responding police officers chanced upon the two men fleeing the scene but the latter were apprehended. Eleazar said that the suspects were able to open one vault which contained documents. No cash or items of value were reported lost but the company said that they will be doing an inventory while investigation is ongoing.

The police recovered hydraulic jacks, crowbars, and a drilling tool inside the bank. Meanwhile, Eleazar commended PS-9 operatives for their quick response to the incident which resulted in the suspects’ apprehension.

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