Terrorist groups lack force to launch attacks – AFP

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) shrugged off possible attacks of local terrorists as their forces have dwindled.

AFP Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Bienvenido Datuin said in a news report on March 9 that terror groups do not have enough capability to start any activity against the government.

“Their strength has been reduced significantly and recruitment efforts have not been gaining ground as local populace, through the efforts of the local government units and AFP, has been made aware about preventing and countering violent extremism,” he said.

This was in reaction to reports that a group called Abdullah Al Islamiah has been doing recruitment and planning to launch Marawi-like attacks on key cities in Mindanao.

Datuin assured the AFP and other security forces have been roaming urban centers and possible venues of attacks to ensure public safety.

The AFP official, however, said the government remains vigilant against potential terrorism activities in Mindanao as reports said Maute Group sub-leader Abu Dar has taken over the leadership of ISIS in the Southeast Asian region.

“It may be possible, but we are, as I said, closely guarding, monitoring all the metropolis, the urban areas to make sure na hindi sila makakaporma so far as terrorist activities (and) plans are concerned,” he said.

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