Duterte: Joma wants a coalition government

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that he terminated the peace talks because Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison demanded a coalition government, despite his willingness to have peace talks.

“The problem  with  Sison—which I would like to have peace talks, reach out to him—is Sison wants, at the end of the day, a coalition government,” Duterte said.

“Sison and the government have had these talks in Netherlands and from the summaries that are given to me after every meeting, I read it, then I digest it, and look for the meaning beyond the words and the commas and the periods—there’s something wrong.

Pagka ’yan ho ang hinihingi niya, ’di ko talaga maibigay sa kanya because sovereignty or the power to run the country, which is the sovereign power of the State, is given to Filipinos who are elected by the people,” Duterte said.

“You might elect a President who is a son of a b****, wala na ho tayong magawa diyan if it’s the choice of the people. The military, the police and the civilians will have to honor the mandate because that is the voice of the people and that is provided in our Constitution,” the President said in his speech during the 14th Founding Anniversary 2nd Kanlahi Festival in Tarlac.

Duterte said if Sison would insist on what he wants, “at this early, let’s cut our ties because I cannot give you what I do not own. Sovereignty resides in the people and is delegated to the representatives of the people and to the President and to the Supreme Court.”

“They have sovereign powers and if you want to exercise sovereign powers, the Constitution simply says get elected,” he added.

A middle-ranked Philippine Army official raised the issue of insincerity of the communist movement as the stumbling block to resolving the decades-old insurgency menace in the country.

According to Lt. Col. Louie Villanueva, spokesman of the Philippine Army, despite their willingness to close the curtain of conflict with the communists, the matter is being disrupted by the series of violations—a vital factor leading to the disruption of bilateral talks.

Villanueva’s comment came after Duterte said he is open to resuming talks with the CPP-NPA if the communists agree to a ceasefire.

“It will depend on the sincerity of these people (communists),” he said.

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