Senate passed the Reservists Employment Rights Act with 16-0 votes

The Senate has passed the 3rd and last reading of the Senate Bill No. 1698 or the Reservists Employment Rights Act that reputes the military reservists with the service they are giving to the country.

“Ito’y pagkilala natin sa malaking tulong ng ating reservists sa militar, lalo na kapag may kalamidad at sa paglaban sa terorismo,” said Sen. Bam Aquino.

According to Senator Aquino, the 16-0 votes from the senators give the security and benefits for the military reservists. The reservists have played a big role in the five-month siege in Marawi City and even from rescuing and rehabilitations during calamities.

The bill was made after the members and officials of the Army Reserve Command have extended to the senate that some of the reservists are in grave position of losing their jobs while doing their role for the country. The reservists being mentioned are entrepreneurs, I.T. professionals, teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses, sales agents, security guards, and staff from different government agencies.

“While they rsk their lives for the country, they are at risk of losing their livelihood, which should not be the case,” Aquino said.

The Reservists Employment Rights Act aims to give the reservists proper training and stipends. It also gives the reservists the protection they need from any discrimination at work, promotions, and other benefits.

“Our reservists chose to put their lives on the line for our safety and security. We owe it to them to professionalize the Reserve Force and assure them their employment rights,” said Aquino.

Protection is also assured for the reservists for any harm they get from serving the country.

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