“Embody compassion as Christ did” –Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte urged Catholic Filipinos to always choose to embody compassion as Christ has personified despite differences.

The President emphasized in his message for the Holy Week that the Season of Lent is an occasion to renew one’s relationship with God.

“This is a time to revitalize and renew our relationship with God and our fellowmen,” Duterte said.

“As we put our hands together in prayer, may we use this as an opportune time to rekindle our religious fervor and cherish our time-honored traditions as a pious people,” he added.

Duterte also called for all people to take the Easter week as an opportunity to reflect on the Catholic values and embody the traits of Jesus Christ and help the less fortunate.

“As we reflect on the Catholic values and embody selflessness, compassion and love instilled in us through the years, let us remember to always help and uplift the downtrodden because it is only through charitable actions that we make God’s presence visible among us,” Duterte urged.

He also encouraged the public to contemplate and unite in order to achieve a comfortable life for everyone.

“Let us take a moment to pause in the spirit of contemplation and work and unite as one people to build a truly equitable and inclusive nation where everyone can enjoy a decent a comfortable life,”Duterte said.

“I wish our countrymen a deeply meaningful and solemn observance of the Holy Week,” he added.

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