PH ranks 50th in the World’s Most Powerful Military Forces

The Philippine forces placed 50th in Newsweek’s “50 Most Powerful Military Forces in the World” list.

The rank was justified by the country’s defense budget of $3,000,000,000, 498,250 total number of military personnel, 149 total aircraft strength, 45 tanks, 778 Armored Fighting Vehicles, 119 total of Naval assets, and Power Index of 0.8367, according to Newsweek.

Last March 8, Senator Panfilo Lacson filed Senate Bill No. 1734 also known as the National Defense Act of 2018. The bill requires all natural-born and naturalized Filipino citizens in the country to undergo a two-year military service.

Aside from focusing on military and education, the bill also aims to upgrade the government’s equipment and capabilities to fight against insurgency, terrorism, and other security threats.

The bill will also change the current National Defense College of the Philippines to it new name, the National Defense University of the Philippines.

It will also allow the Department of Defense to accept donations, contributions or other grants that will help in purchasing defense equipment and other materials.



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