P215.6-M to be spent on army combat equipment

P215.6 million will be spent to acquire new equipment for the Armed Forces of the Philippines, including 73,130 pairs of combat boots worth P115.5 million for its soldiers.

The procurement process has already started through an invitation to bid to prospective suppliers, according to Maj. Gen. Joselito Reyes, who chairs the Army bids and awards committee.

Included in the list to be bought are 17,763 pairs of rubber shoes worth P35.5 million; 90,634 round-neck shirts amounting to P15.8 million; 17,706 Army uniforms for P9.7 million; 3,576 pieces of combat chest rig for P5.7 million, and 8,032 hydration packs for P12.8 million.

Reyes said that the Army would also purchase 9,487 camouflage uniforms amounting to P11.3 million; 49,051 white socks for P4.4 million, and 25,632 belts worth P4.6 million.

The supplies are important in the performance of the soldiers’ duties, according to Army spokesman Lt. Col. Louie Villanueva.

The Army is the biggest unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines with around 85,000 soldiers in various parts of the country.

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