Joint law enforcement operations yield highpower firearms, ammunitions in Lanao del Norte

PANTAR, Lanao del Norte – The joint law enforcement operations in Pantar town in Lanao del Norte yielded 19 high and low powered loose firearms and ammunitions in a raid on May 13, 2018 at the Mayor’s Satellite Office in the two villages of Punod district and Sundiga village.

The government forces seized assorted firearms in raid condtced in a sattelite office of Mayor Jabbar Tago in Punod, Panatar, Lanao del Norte. The firearms could have been utilized during the Marawi seige on May 23 last year.(Photo by : Chrystal Villalobos , NotoViolence.PH)

After a brief exchange of gunfire, some of the suspects managed to escape while others were apprehended.

Philippine Army’s Col. Robert C. Dauz identified the apprehended suspects including Pantar Mayor Jabar Tago, Jamelodin Tago, Janoding Tago with Kiram Ampoan a suspected drug lord in Manila, Jano Rehan Gumpal, Abdul Racman and Nasroding Lao for illegal possession of firearms and ammunitions.

Under the Republic Act No. 10591 otherwise known as the comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act, the firearms turn-over to the 2nd Mechnanized Infantry Brigade after the raid include one(1) 50 caliber Barrete sniper’s rifle with 50 pieces of ammunitions, two M-16 rifles, one (1) M-79 grenade launcher with 15 rounds of 40 milimeter ammunitions, three M-14 rifles, one AK -47 and M4-1 Carbine and six pistols

Daued lauded the joint efforts of 42nd Mechanized Company of the 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, 1st Scout RangerBattalion .under the supervision of the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army..

Dauz said “prior sa nangyaring raid at encounter ng armed threat group, may patayan nuong May 8 and 10 sa Balo-i. Yung information nag lead towards sa pinanggalingan nga mga baril na ito kaya pina opetitan natin regardless kung sino ang may arin nga mga armas na nasa lugar na yan. Ini emphasize natin ang rule of law.

Daz said Our mandate for this election is to create an environment of a secured election. Dapat yung mga tao ay hindi matatakot so itong mga loose firearms ay magagamit pa sa pag taboy at pananakot ng mga tao”

Dauz confirmed further that there was a incident in the interior part of Nunungan where a family feud erupted but no casualty involved. The troops from the 5th Mechanized Infantry Battalion were already deployed a day before the election to secure the voting populace.

As of July 15, the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade have consolidated a total of 674 lose fireamrs turned-in from various municipalities from Lanao del Norte with the support from the Local Government Units and the two battalions of 4th and 5th Mechanized Infantry Battalions of the Philippine Army.

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