Marines medical mission: Act of kindness in addressing the people’s needs

To win the hearts of the community and save its people especially the youth from the deception lawless terrorists, a Medical Mission was recently conducted in Barangay Asinga-Via, Municipality of Baggao, Cagayan Province with the initiatives of Lt.Col. Fidel Macatangay, Commander of the 10th Marine Battalion Landing Team (MBLT), Philippine Navy (Marines) and Dr. Leon Caculitan, MD, along with his Scintilla Juris brothers, and his students from St. Paul’s University of the Philippines’ College of Medicine,

Barangay Asinga-Via’s population (2015 Cencus) is 2,168 representing 2.62% of the total population of the municipality.

There were reports of CPP-NPA-NDF lawless terrorists sightings in the area.

Dr. Caculitan with the volunteers and 1st Lt. Valencia, Company Officer of 10th MBLT with his team commenced the activity in barangay Asingan-Via, using clippers and scissors for hair cutting, ladle and pots for feeding program, and medical kits for free check ups and surgical operations (circumcision and cyst extraction) and providing anti-biotic medication for a week or two.

The AFP has been collaborating with Dr. Leon Caculitan, known for his acts of kindness in serving the people in outreach activities and medical missions. He has been helping the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in conducting activities with the community for many years.

(Top photo: Philippine Marines medical mission file photo)

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