Proper implementation of Martial Law benefits IPs in Mindanao

The implementation of Martial Law in Mindanao is favorable to indigenous peoples (IPs). This is how some members of Mindanao’s IPs express their continued support to the ongoing martial law in the island.

The view of indigenous peoples on the current Martial Law implementation in Mindanao is totally different from the past.

In a recent interview with DWDD Radio, Datu Ramon Dayaan, an IP community leader in Mindanao outskirts said they are thankful to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and President Rodrigo R. Rodrigo for the proper implementation of martial law in mMindanao.

Dayaan said the the reports claiming that IPs are being abused or having problems due to martial law are not true. Those information are coming from Luzon, not from Mindanao, Dayaan said.

“Do not believe those news, those reports are coming from Luzon, not from IPs communities in Mindanao,” Dayaan said.

Dayaan said it was because of martial law implementation that prevented the New People’s Army (NPA) from executing or killing IPs who do not follow rules set by the rebels, which include none participation in rallies and refusal to join with the communists’ terrorist movement.

Congress, in joint session December 12, has 235 in favor, 28 against, and one abstention in the vote to approve the extension of

Martial law in Mindanao was extended for the third time until December 31, 2019 by the joint session of Congress last December 12.

Dayaan said the NPA have been already implementing their own “martial law” ever since they were formed some 50 years ago.

The NPA’s illegal operations have killed and affected many IPs, Dayaan said.

Dayaan said IPs in Mindanao are supporting the government’s campaign against the NPAs because they are being targeted by the communist terrorists.

Another IP community leader, Datu Diolito Diarog said the encroachment of the NPAs in IP communities has been causing divisiveness among them. The communist rebels have been inserting rules and culture to their communities not suited for the IPs.

Diarog said the communist rebels have been indoctrinating them with ideas that the government does not provide justice and that it armed struggle should overthrow it.

Diarog also said that “Salugpungan” schools established by communist supporters are being exploited by NPAs to the advantage of communism. Through the “Salugpungan” schools, the NPA is enhancing their claims that only the communist rebels can bring in basic services like education to IP communities.

Dayaan said the “Salugpungan” schools were supposedly built to teach IPs the basics of reading and writing but the real purpose was to recruit and teach how to fight the government.

Diarog said they were told that funding for the construction of these “Salugpungan” schools came from the support of the European Union but he said he has no clear idea on the process on how the money was sourced.

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