Former NPA rebel tops Candidate Soldier Course in Compostela Valley

A former New People’s Army (NPA) rebel graduated Top 1 among 132 in Candidate Soldier Course Class 569–2018.

The closing ceremonies were held at 10TH Infantry (AGILA) Division, Philippine Army, Monkayo, Compostela Valley Province, on April 28, 2019.

Private Albert I Diez, formerly known in his alias as DINDO was a political instructor of the Guerilla Front 33 who served the NPA rebel armed group in about four years.

Diez hails from a Manobo tribe in Montevista, Compostela Valley Province who joined the NPA at the young age of 17.

He spent his teenage trekking in the mountain ranges of Compostela Valley and Davao Del Norte believing that revolution will solve the difficulties faced by the society.

Diez’s social status was exploited by his former classmate who was a CPP- NPA political organizer while taking up his 2 Years vocational course in Driving.

With the enticing promises he received from the CPP-NPA recruiter, he undoubtedly took the pledge of becoming a member of the armed group of the Communist Terrorist Movement.

Diez then joined the armed group in June 2012 and subsequently placed as Team Medic of the Sentro De Gravidad, of the GF 33. With his distinct ability in influencing others, he was then promoted as Political Guide and finally became a Political Instructor after undergoing various Party Courses inside the Communist Movement.

Later, he realized that he entered a terrorist group that puts an end to all his dreams in life. “Biktima po ako ng mga kasinungalingan nila, at pinagsisisihan ko po iyon, na realize ko po na wala palang patutunguhan ang buhay sa kilusan” Diez said. A promise to support his family was just a mere propaganda.

Diez said in his earlier interviews “Ang Hirap po ng Buhay sa Bundok, Pagod, Puyat, Gutom at Takot na baka yun na huling araw o gabi ng buhay mo, Wala Kang aasahang magandang buhay sa CPP-NPA, gusto ko na ng matiwasay at tahimik na pamumuhay. Kaya po ako nagbalik loob”.

Diez submitted himself along with his firearm to Lt. Colonel Oscar B Balignasay Jr, 25IB Commander at 25th Infantry (FIREBALL) Battalion stationed in Camp Kalaw, Poblacion. Monkayo, Compostela Valley on February 20, 2018.

He was given immediate assistance and taken care by the 25IB while his enrollment to Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) was on process.

All the assistance and support was provided to him until he signified his intent to apply for a Candidate Soldier Course. He went through the process and successfully passed all the requisites in the application for candidate soldier and finally took oath for training 4 months ago.

The former army rival is now a full-pledged Soldier and a comrade, who will serve the people in a more rewarding act of fighting for the freedom and democracy of his country.

“I’m so much grateful and honored for giving me the chance to make up for the wrong decisions I made in the past. My sincerest thanks to the people behind this success, first, to the president of the Philippines his excellency Rodrigo Roa Duterte for the programs he gave to the former rebels, to the Armed Forces of the Philippines particularly the 25th Infantry (FIREBALL) Battalion, Philippine Army headed by Lt. Colonel Oscar B Balignasay, Jr. who had embraced me during the times that I needed people to accept me despite knowing that I was their enemy, yet, assisted me in going back to the mainstream, and most of all to our God Almighty, for his merciful guidance of showing me the way. Thank you for bringing me to this brighter side of life. Rest assured that I will give my whole hearted service to my country,” Diez said.

Lt. Colonel Oscar B Balignasay Jr, said: “We will not stop helping those Former Rebels who show sincerity of repentance. We all deserve a second chance, a chance to put things right. Private Diez is one of the attestations that the government is legitimate in its endeavor of helping those who want to go back to the mainstream. We are glad that one of our surrendered Former Rebels is now our comrade in arms.”

In a statement, BGen. Gilbert F. Saret, Brigade Commander, 1001st Infantry (PAG-ASA) Brigade, Phil Army said, “This is a clear manifestation that the E- CLIP Program of the government is significantly gaining headway by giving chance to enlist deserving individuals with leadership potentials to serve our country, after being used and deceived by the CPP/NPA/Terrorist for quite a long time.” “The AFP will pursue with its effort to support the implementation of the E-CLIP by convincing more NPA rebels to return to the folds of the law and join the mainstream of society with freedom and harmony as they embrace their beloved families,” BGen. Saret said.

Private Diez will be deployed in the Province of Compostela Valley. He vows to help the Philippine Army in appealing to his former comrades to go back to the folds of the law and live a meaningful life without armed rebellion.

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