Leftists twist history to suit CPP-NPA needs — AFP

Leftist organizations including the Kabataan Party-list, Anakbayan, League of Filipino Students (LFS), National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL), and Ibon Foundation, are twisting Philippine history Communist rebels and their allies really know history well as they spend much of their time twisting it to discredit the government and suit their ideological needs, according to an official of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF ELCAC).

Major Gen. Antonio Parlade, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Deputy Chief-of Staff for Civil-Military Operations and NTF ELCAC official, made this remark in response to claims made by Kabataan Party-list Representative Sarah Elago that they are studying history and injustices being perpetrated in the country along with the malicious attacks allegedly being perpetrated by the AFP.

“Today (August 21) is a holiday. What does history tell you about August 21 if you say you know your history which you use to agitate students and encourage dissent as part of academic freedom?” Parlade said in a news article published by the Philippine News Agency.

Plaza Miranda bombing

On August 21, 1971, Plaza Miranda in Quiapo, Manila was bombed by suspected communist rebels, killing nine people and wounding 95 others, many of which were prominent members of the Liberal Party who was then conducting a political campaign rally in the area.

“Today is the day when Plaza Miranda was bombed by the CPP-NPA (Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army) but was blamed on the government because of the CPP’s expertise on deceit, lies, and propaganda. I bet your lectures continue to propagate those lies until this day so the youth will continue to mistrust their AFP and their government,” Parlade said.

Parlade said communists claim social media is full of fake news from the government in attacking progressive groups and suppressing dissent.

“Well here is the original fake news which until now you use, again to agitate the young to rise against the government — the Jabidah Massacre,” Parlade said, adding that if Elago and her allies have really read their history, then they should have known that the Senate has a complete set of the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr.’s investigation of the alleged massacre which reportedly took place in Corregidor Island on March 18, 1968.

“Then-Senator Ninoy concluded that Jabidah Massacre was a hoax, after seeing for himself in Sulu the young Muslim children alleged to have been killed by its military trainers. It is available to the public or to anyone who cares to know about the truth,” Parlade said.

Another propaganda tactic

Parlade said Aquino highlighted these incidents to give the Filipino public in general an understanding of the propaganda being used by the CPP-NPA in recruiting and sending minors to their death during encounters with government troops.

The CPP-NPA is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

“It is important for us to know this truth so we will understand that propaganda has been killing our vulnerable children, in the same manner, that CPP cadres hiding under Anakbayan, LFS, NUPL, Ibon Foundation, etc. are killing recruits because of falsehoods and deceit,” he added.

Fake news about the Jabidah Massacre, he said, is still being used in Ibon Foundation manuals, to agitate indigenous peoples (IPs) children in Salugpungan schools, by saying that the military was responsible for the cold-blooded murder of 64 Muslim youths in Corregidor Island, thus triggering the Moro insurgency.

“Ibon propaganda materials are still using that parallelism to radicalize IP children into fighting again their AFP. The same Ibon manuals, by the way, teach the Salugpungan children that their national hero should be Father Pops Tentorio, an Italian priest who sponsored the studies of more than 700 IPs, 600 plus of them becoming NPAs,” Parlade said.

Parlade said Jabidah Massacre was used by the late Sen. Aquino in his privilege speech in 1968, not to correct the facts, but to expose a state secret about retaking Sabah.

“So believe it or not, Ms. Elago, your icon of democracy actually started the recruitment, training, and funding of Moro rebels, with the help of our Malay neighbor. That alliance of Otso Derecho’s forbears started the violence in Mindanao, which killed some 150,000 Filipinos who knew nothing about this deceit,” Parlade said.

The ranking military official also dared the militant lawmaker and her allies to tell the truth and give the youth the chance to join either the armed communist rebels, their militant partners or the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC).

“Do you really want our children to be critical of their government so that they may contribute to nation-building? Then tell them the truth and then give them a choice whether to join Anakbayan and NPA, or ROTC to express their patriotism,” Parlade said. (Priam Nepomuceno, PNA)

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