What is a soldier of the Philippine Army?

What is a soldier? You see them in the news. You see them in video games, in TV, movies, the Internet. We see the action. Amazed in the equipment. In awe of the skills. But what is a soldier? What lies behind the guns, the bullets, the gear?

An ordinary human being just like you. An ordinary person that will become the country’s best, the country’s brightest, the country’s heart and soul.

A nation’s servant whose honor is to serve the Filipino people. A protector whose duty is to lead in times of trouble. A noble warrior that has chosen to push themselves to being the best that they can be. An ordinary Filipino just like you that has chosen to serve and lead and whose extraordinary actions can inspire the nation.

What is a soldier of the Philippine Army? An ordinary Filipino called to do extraordinary things. A human being with heart and soul. A warrior with a noble code. A protector of our freedoms. A Filipino hero. And you could be one, too? A soldier of the Philippine Army. Serve, Lead, Inspire. Find your calling here. Join the Philippine Army today.

Serving the People. Securing the Land.

Application details at his link: https://www.army.mil.ph/home/index.php/component/sppagebuilder/?view=page&id=29

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