NPA robs relief goods in Eastern Samar

More hardship befell the people of Balanginga, Eastern Samar as about 30 Communist NPA Terrorists (CNTs) swooped down on Sitio Bangon, Barangay Guinmayohan on April 7, 2020, and took away relief goods intended for the people.

According to witnesses who refused to be named due to fear, barangay officials were distributing relief packs to the needy families when an NPA group led by Gavino Guarino a.k.a. Mael summoned some of the barangay officials and forcibly took away some of the relief goods. The act of the NPA caused the shortage of relief packages were some of the supposed beneficiaries were unable to receive their intended share.

Reports indicate that the CNTs are taking advantage of the COVID-19 crisis by locating relief distribution points where they can collect logistical supplies for themselves at the expense of the people.

An armed skirmish occurred on April 7, 2020, in Barangay Lakandula, Las Navas Northern Samar when people in the community reported to soldiers the house-to-house forced collection of foodstuff by the NPA.

Col. Camilo Ligayo, Commander of Philippine Army’s 801st Infantry Brigade, condemned the unchristian act of the NPA. “This is a time to help our people and not to add to their burden. What the NPA did is pure robbery during the Holy Week. These terrorists who believe in no god robbed the poor people of their food in this time of Covid-19 crisis,” Ligayo said.

“We condemn this dastardly act of the NPA in Northern and Eastern Samar, and we assure our people that your soldiers will bring these criminals to justice. To the NPA, stop oppressing the people!”, Ligayo said.

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