3 warring families in Basilan town settle decade-old dispute

Three warring families in the Basilan town of Sumisip have decided to settle their more than a decade “rido” or bloody feud, a military official said on August 28, 2020.

BLOOD FEUD SETTLED. Three warring families in Sumisip, Basilan settle their more than a decade dispute on Thursday (Aug. 27, 2020) upon the mediation of military and political officials. Col. Domingo Gobway, the Army’s 101st Infantry Brigade commander, says the settlement will help bring about development in the municipality. (Photo courtesy of the 64th Infantry Battalion)

Lt. Col. Renante Besa, the Army’s 64th Infantry Battalion commander, facilitated the rido settlement between the Janna, Wakil, and Ikih families Thursday at the headquarters of the battalion in Barangay Tumahubong, Sumisip.

Besa said the three warring families agreed to settle their differences through the mediation of Sumisip Mayor Jul-Adnan Hataman and Lt. Col. Freddie Calosing, commander of the Army’s 68th Infantry Battalion.

Col. Domingo Gobway, commander of the Army’s 101st Infantry Brigade and the guest in the settlement ceremony, said the “rido” greatly affected the peace and order, as well as the progress not only of Sumisip town but of Basilan province as a whole.

“I am encouraging everyone to do the same, to settle what causes fear between conflicting families and start actions for peace development that could lead us to a more progressive, developed and better Sumisip, you are very lucky to have a mayor who has a big heart to push peace and development in your municipality,” Gobway said.

The rido settlement was witnessed by religious and political leaders aside from military and police officials.

Meanwhile, Gobway lauded the facilitators of the rido settlement citing it is one way of contributing to the progress of Sumisip town. (Teofilo Garcia, Jr., PNA)

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