‘Bringing Public Service Closer to the People’: 59th Araw ng Lanao del Sur celebrated in Marawi City

The provincial government of Lanao Del Sur led by Gov. Soraya Alonto-Adiong celebrated its 59th Founding Anniversary on July 4, 2018 at the Lanao del Sur Provincial Capitol in Marawi City.

With the theme, “Bringing Public Service Closer to the People,” the provincial government spearheaded a two-day activity at the Provincial Capitol Gymnasium in Marawi City showcasing the Maranao cultural heritage. The celebration’s motif was inspired by Sarimanok design, with shapes and colors that define the unique personality of Lanao del Sur province.

The culmination activity program on July 4 included short messages from the mayors of Lanao del Sur city and municipalities and various local government agencies. Their messages centered into their respective organization’s efforts in bringing public service closer to the people of Lanao del Sur.

“We are celebrating the 59th Araw ng Lanao del Sur symbolizing culture and service intertwined together. We truly intend to bring public service closer to our people. We want to touch more lives through services that are made available at their doorsteps,” Gov. Alonto-Adiong said.

“Even with the hardships we experienced during the Marawi crisis, the province of Lanao del Sur is standing strong to serve our constituents. All the challenges and difficulties of the crisis further motivate us to provide better and enhanced public service to the people of Lanao del Sur,” Gov. Alonto-Adiong said.

The Philippine Army participated in the celebration activities through the representation of Col. Romeo Brawner, Deputy Commander of Joint Task Group Ranao, and Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera, former spokesperson of Joint Task Force Marawi and currently the Director of Philippine Army’s Operations Research Center.

“The Philippine Army is exerting its best efforts on its part to fast track the rehabilitation of crisis-affected communities in Marawi City. We are here to serve the people and secure Lanao del Sur,” Col. Brawner said.

“With the unity of the people of Lanao del Sur and the Philippine Army, we can all face any crisis, and we can always be triumphant. Let us continue our strong partnership and collaborative efforts to completely eradicate terrorism. The Army cannot do it alone, but with the important role of the community in maintaining peace and security,” Lt. Col. Herrera said.

In his part, Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra said: “As we kept the faith and culture, we are able to defeat the enemy forces. We will continue to be united for peace and security.”

“Unity is very important to eradicate the remnants of terrorists in our province,” said Butig Mayor Jimmy Pansar representing the mayors of 39 municipalities of Lanao del Sur.

“We must work together to make Lanao del Sur a living proof that there can be peace even after trying times of extreme difficulty. And most importantly, there can be genuine prosperity,” Gov. Alonto-Adiong said.

Lanao del Sur was created as a province by virtue of Republic Act 2228 on July 4, 1959. The province was not able to celebrate its 58th Founding Anniversary last year because of the Marawi crisis.

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